CINEMA NAIRN is a small group of volunteers who love watching films on the big screen, and who wanted to see full-time cinema return to Nairn. It started over four years ago, and with the help of the Nairn Community & Arts Centre, it has gone from strength to strength, showing nearly 65 films to ever increasing audiences.

Over the years our programme of films has been praised for the eclectic mix of old and new and for our success at introducing the local community to hidden gems that they might have missed. We aim to appeal to a broad spectrum of interests and will once again show contemporary hits and old black and white classics, as well as films with a Scottish slant. Add to the mix two musicals, a documentary and two wonderful foreign language films, and we believe that the 2014 will be seen as our best programme yet.

Films are screened in the Nairn Community & Arts Centre on King Street (just off the A96), and occasionally in the Little Theatre in Fishertown.

Admission is £5.00 for adults and £3.00 for those under 18 years of age. There is also a loyalty scheme - so get your card stamped each time you come and you'll get the sixth film free!

Each year we screen up to four matinees to which people of any age are welcome to join us for a reduced price of £2.50, and with the added bonus of tea and home bakes, it's a great way to spend a Monday afternoon!

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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

First Screenings - Sunday 29th November 2009

We are offering three classic films being shown in Nairn Community Centre to launch Cinema Nairn.

The Wizard of Oz Cert (Colour 1939) "U" Running Time: 101 minutes - 2.00pm

Most youngsters who’ve seen The Wizard of Oz will have seen it at home – a big screen projection in a cinema full of other excited kids will be quite a different experience! It’s 70 years old this year but remains a real feat of film-making.

The Magnificent Seven (Colour 1960) "PG" Running Time: 138 minutes - 5.00pm

Westerns represent cinema’s hey-day for a lot of people and The Magnificent Seven is the daddy of them all with brilliant performances from the likes of Steve McQueen and stirring music by Elmer Bernstein.

I Know Where I'm Going (B&W 1945) "U" Running Time: 92 minutes - 8.00pm

A jewel of British film-making from Powell and Pressburger, set in the Highlands and combining romance, suspense, comedy and a dash of the supernatural.

Hopefully something to suit most peoples tastes.

Tickets (Adults £4.00/Children £3.00) available from the Community Centre, Nairn Bookshop and iolaire photo:graphics (at the Railway Station)


  1. Good luck with this venture. A good choice to start with, if successful will you do requests or enable people to vote for films they might like to see?

  2. We would like people to make suggestions (other than FOAD, etc) by using this blog and/or Facebook/Twitter in addition to emailing and face-to-face meetings.

  3. Good publicity on the BBC site and the Scotsman!


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