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Monday, 29 March 2010

Gone Fishing

As a result of some slight technical problems with 'Moon' we screened 'Gone Fishing' whilst the issues were resolved. However, for those that want to see this fantastic wee movie we will be showing it again before 'The Searchers' on Friday 30th April.

This thirteen minute short is an excellent example of what can be done in a smaller time frame, with a limited budget (£15,000) without compromising the story line or quality. 

Featuring well-known Scottish actor Bill Paterson it tells the tale of The touching story of a boy and old man coming to terms with bereavement through their shared love of fishing.  

One reviewer wrote this: 
"I cannot believe that so much pure excellence was crammed into less than 15 minutes of film. It's simply a masterpiece, lovingly crafted, beautifully shot, perfectly acted. I rarely gush over a film but in this case I have to. It's a touching story of an old man and his young relative reminiscing on the day of a funeral about the day in the old man's past where he took on a legendary giant pike in a nearby lake. 

How this is told and played out takes you on story that is filled with humour and many rich and unexpected moments. It left me with a great warm and uplifted feeling, some two hour films costing millions easily fail to do that. The art of the short film needs to be rediscovered."
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  1. Hey, the Seatchers trailer has been blocked?? Whats up with that? Great set up for the trailers now, nice one Tez!

    Jason, you sending Chris Jones a nice thank you letter??

  2. It works, yippee! Is it only me using this??

  3. Please make sure you have no plans for after the next screening, and please note shorts are never shown after a main film....You know who you are....

  4. Tez, are you updating the Application form?

  5. Then again it was nice to go for a few beers at the Shambles after....

  6. No plans to update the application form as unlike the blog, etc it's a cumbersome process, it will be updated when the next season of films is announced ie August to December.

    I have far too many hats as it is to start micro managing the application form...

  7. PS Who would dare to try and show a short after a feature length film - sacre bleu!

  8. The Searchers trailer has been replaced...

  9. Any news or comments about Gone Fishing? What happened to your show real of other films?


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